Maximising your student recruitment efforts through agents and networks

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What you’ll learn

Agents and networks are becoming more and more instrumental in higher education recruitment, especially in hard to reach markets and in countries in transition. Make sure your institution is prepared to utilise them effectively with this course. You’ll learn how agents and networks can fit into your international recruitment strategy, how to find the best agents for your needs, and how to develop agreements and manage the recruitment process to get the best results. Plus, there will be a special session on how to capitalise on the latest digital marketing techniques.

  • Get tools for sourcing, selecting and evaluating potential agents and consortia networks
  • Effectively manage and motivate agents and networks to recruit students
  • Understand the obligations of the various partners and how to evaluate your efforts
  • Learn how to develop networks, consortia, feeder routes and twinning/articulation agreements

How to get the most out of this course

International recruiters, marketing staff, collaborative or partnerships staffers and others interested in boosting their institutions' international recruitment numbers will come away with practical knowledge, skills and support as well as useful advice from the expert trainers.