Design thinking and agile methodology: innovative tools for the international office

What you’ll learn

Meeting the ever-changing and unavoidable challenges of internationalisation requires resourcefulness and continuous professional development on the part of international officers. Why not look to solutions from outside of higher education to streamline processes and engage with your stakeholders? This training course will teach you to manage projects and people using strategies and tools from Silicon Valley, to help you work smarter, solve problems and improve process management. You’ll learn how to apply design thinking and agile methodology to the work of your internationalisation office to make activities more adaptive and sustainable while keeping university goals in sight.

  • Maximise your resources and run your international office supporting the concept of continuous improvement
  • Gain theoretical and practical knowledge on design thinking and agile methodology
  • Use creative strategies to rethink and re-strategise your internationalisation processes
  • Rethink the development cycle for initiatives you are trying to promote within your institution

How to get the most out of this course

This highly practical course is ideal for international office managers, project managers and policy officers who are looking for innovative and modern tools to manage their projects and stakeholders more effectively. The training is highly interactive and dynamic, helping seasoned managers develop new energy and inspiration for managing everyday internationalisation initiatives.


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