The credential evaluator’s toolkit: an adventure through MENA and Iran

What you’ll learn

In numbers larger than ever before, prospective students from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) are applying to join European educational communities. This hands-on course will give you the extra knowledge, skills and practice you need to evaluate MENA-region credentials with the utmost confidence. With a focus on the educational systems of six selected countries (Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Lebanon, and Syria), you’ll learn about qualification types, quality assurance mechanisms, student assessment methods and official recognition of institutions. Plus, you’ll practice evaluating foreign documentation and identifying forgeries by reviewing legitimate and counterfeit sample documents. We’ll also discuss refugee documentation issues such as document authentication, verification and availability.

  • Gain insight into official recognition status of educational institutions
  • Get access to valuable online and print resources
  • Increase your knowledge of documentation issues in conflict areas

How to get the most out of this course

The knowledge, skills and tools shared in this course will be especially beneficial to university staff responsible for credential evaluation, admissions and policy. Study abroad/transnational programme coordinators and recruitment specialists considering changes to recruitment, admissions or credential evaluation with regard to refugees and students from conflict areas will also find this course extremely advantageous.