Building successful strategic international partnerships

What you’ll learn

Not all partnerships are created equal: strategic international partnerships between higher education institutions match goals with measures, operate efficiently across cultures and advance broader institutional aims. Establishing and managing such partnerships requires significant investment of time and resources – so it’s worth doing right. This course will help you develop an understanding of the nature of strategic international partnerships and their role in the context of an institution’s overall partnership portfolio, including how to plan and implement them successfully. You’ll learn to ask the crucial questions necessary to match your own institution’s strategy and goals with suitable cooperation schemes and secure the right partners. The course will also address issues such as allocating resources, setting policies, and evaluating outcomes. Join us and develop a roadmap for the successful establishment or continuation of strategic international partnerships at your institution.

  • Identify what makes a partnership strategically important within your institutional context
  • Learn practical approaches to engage stakeholders, overcome common challenges and measure progress
  • Understand key stages of the partnership lifecycle and learn to apply critical success factors for each stage within your own institution

How to get the most out of this course

This comprehensive course presents a learning opportunity that would be especially beneficial to those already involved in some aspect of international higher education partnership work at their institution. Whether you are integral to your institution’s partnership strategy or one of the people who make partnerships work on a day-to-day basis (or anywhere in between), you will have much to learn from this course. High levels of participant involvement and interactivity encourage everyone to contribute actively to the course. You will be invited to do a small amount of suggested reading before the course and complete a pre-course questionnaire about your particular challenges and concerns.

This course has been offered previously under the title:  Strategic international partnerships: secrets for success.