Advising international students: building intercultural competence

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What you’ll learn

Achieving diversity on campus is only the beginning. We must also ensure that advising for international students is responsive to their needs, culturally appropriate and – most crucially – effective in supporting their success. This course will help you improve and diversify your advising competences through discussions, simulations and reflections on culture, perception and value differences – and how they intersect with the unique challenges faced by foreign students.

  • Increase your understanding of study abroad transitions
  • Gain confidence in communicating with international students about their experience
  • Improve your intercultural competence in advising students from different backgrounds

How to get the most out of this course

This course is designed especially for mentors, tutors and advisers of international students who have at least one to three years’ experience, though academic staff and other education professionals who are in regular contact with international students would also gain a great deal from participating.


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