The principles of addressing personal concerns and crises amongst international students

What you’ll learn

Any student can suffer from personal crises. However, international students are generally more at risk and have a harder time recovering. This course will enable you to identify and safely respond to mental health concerns and crisis situations on your campus. You’ll learn to overcome personal and professional challenges as first responders; the policies, practices and ethics of working with vulnerable students; and how to collaborate with healthcare providers. By the end you’ll have a step-by-step guide for building a strong, flexible support system and creating a healthier, less crisis-prone community at your institution.

  • Gain practical tools: mental health dos and don’ts, checklists and outreach methods
  • Establish a network for further exchange and collaboration
  • Develop counselling and crisis management competences on an applied level
  • Become a more capable and confident first responder 

How to get the most out of this course

This course provides excellent training for academic staff, as well as staff and heads of department who have regular contact with international students or work within student service departments such as student housing, academic advising, international offices, student affairs, career counselling, etc. 

This course has been offered previously under the title:  Addressing mental health concerns and crises among international students.


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