Trainer Resources

This is a one stop resource centre for all the documents you will need to help you in your role as an EAIE Trainer.

Within this growing collection you’ll find background information on the EAIE’s various training activities, as well as official forms and templates for you to use when proposing, developing and/or delivering an EAIE training course or webinar. Click on the name of the document to download it. In some cases, we've used the following abbreviations for professional development activities within the EAIE Academy: In the city (ITC), In-house training (IH) and Webinars (WEB).

General background information

» Training course factsheet
» Webinar factsheet
» IH Training course factsheet


» EAIE Training course policy
» EAIE Guest speaker ´╗┐policy 
» EAIE Webinar policy

Proposal forms

» EAIE training course: call for ideas
» EAIE webinar: call for ideas

Practical manuals

» ITC and IH Training course delivery manual
» ITC and IH Training course design manual
» EAIE Webinars: practical information
» EAIE Trainer workbook
» Template 1: Training framework
» Template 2: Training plan 

Course material templates

» ITC and IH Pre-course preparation and assignment
» ITC PPT template 
» ITH and IH Document cover page 
» ITH and IH Document template 
» WEB PPT template

Evaluation forms (for information)

» ITC and IH Participant evaluation survey [example for information] 
» ITC and IH Evaluators form 
» WEB Participant evaluation 
» WEB Evaluators form

For more information or questions about any of the available documents, please contact the EAIE’s Professional Development and Policy Team at For more information on the Professional Development Committee, please see our organisational chart.