Working towards shared goals

About this session

Participants can choose one of three interactive breakout sessions as per their expertise, or to gain a deeper understanding.

  1. Strategy and positioning of institutions
    • Acting as various stakeholders, participants in this session will work in groups will explore how to align their initiatives with social responsibility. How can institutional strategy be linked to the outside world and how does it impact how the institution is perceived? Participants will design an organisational policy and statement and defend this to their peers.
  2. Integration of refugee students and staff
    • How can integration be optimised using the existing structures within the sector? Examples of creativity and best practice will be shared and examined in this fishbowl session, with the goal of facilitating a conversation on integration that thinks beyond the existing initiatives and barriers.
  3. Admission and recognition of refugee credentials
    • Initiatives ranging from customised preparation programmes to EU-funded projects to harmonise the recognition process have appeared of late, but as paper-based processes are replaced with online portals and big data plays an increasing role in the admissions process, how can we accommodate the non-standard admission of students in need? Participants will work on similar case studies and hypothetically implement best practices to see what may fit their institutions.