The refugee crisis: where are we now?

About this session

Four years after the peak of the refugee crisis that saw more than one million refugees arrive in Europe in 2015 alone, the Spotlight Seminar will open with a keynote addressing where we are today in terms of integration and what still needs to be done. Three field experts will set the scene for the following two days of discussions by highlighting key themes and areas where answers and attention are still needed. Participants will breakaway with the experts and their peers to delve deeper into one or more of the three themes:

  1. Strategy and positioning of institutions
    • Are there practical tips to best embrace multiple vulnerabilities?
    • How can HEIs best meet their social responsibility to ensure access and integration?
    • Can knowledge be harnessed for renewed education?
  2. Integration of refugee students and staff
    • What do refugees want and need?
    • What practical tools are available to develop staff skills?
    • Can technology support integration?
  3. Admission and recognition of refugee credentials
    • What are the developments since the 2015 crisis and what does the future look like?
    • Can general admission procedures be designed with integration and inclusivity in mind?
    • Is mainstreaming possible in admissions?