Programme Overview

What to expect 

An immersive, interactive event designed with sharing, exploring and networking in mind. Over the course of our 1.5 day seminar, European colleagues and policymakers working with refugees in higher education will engage in debate, analyse case studies and explore ideas in open space sessions.

With expert speakers and moderators to guide the whole experience, you will discuss strategies on how to promote inclusion and create viable plans for the future. 

More about the topic and programme

The refugee crisis may have faded from the mainstream media, but it remains more relevant than ever within international education. Since the peak of the crisis four years ago, higher education institutions have made some critical steps forward. The number of refugee student applications to universities has increased and the topic of integration and inclusion has been at the core of meaningful discussions amongst educators. However, governments, agencies and universities are still facing ongoing challenges aligning their initiatives and policies against the backdrop of greater social responsibility.

Three years after the first EAIE Spotlight Seminar on the topic, this edition will pick up the discussion on its first day by looking at where we are today in terms of inclusion and what are some of the most pressing issues that still need to be examined. The second day will focus on practical knowledge: how can inclusion and integration initiatives be combined with broader internationalisation strategies.

Policy advisors, programme directors, student counsellors, recognition experts and admissions coordinators are invited to share their views and experiences to tackle some of the most challenging questions, such as:

  • What does integration really look like?
  • Can the knowledge and experience of refugees be harnessed for the benefit of the institution?
  • Do we have the tools needed for successful integration?

Reception, 25 November 17:00


At the Monday Opening Reception, enjoy refreshments, hors d'oeuvres and the opportunity to engage with other professionals involved in integrating refugees in higher education.

Networking lunch, 26 November 12:00


Join your fellow participants and speakers for a networking lunch where you will have the opportunity to explore ideas freely before the final sessions.