Programme Overview

In this Spotlight Seminar participants will actively discuss the challenges, strategies and actions that higher education institutions should be aware of in order to prepare global graduates that are ready for the future job market.  At the end of each day there will be a closing plenary where you will not only be given an opportunity to harness the expertise of the speakers but will also engage with your peers to help co-create the takeaways that will inform and support your institution’s future employability strategy.

Session format

Each session of this Spotlight Seminar will include an opening address, a presentation on best practices and a directed small group discussion. You will also work with your own SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis, which you will share and compare with colleagues, asking yourself such questions as: What does my institution do well already and what is it lacking? What opportunities and threats does it face? Based on the comparison of various models, we will then draw a more extensive and comprehensive map of tools you can adapt to your own context.

Reception, 01 April 17:30


At the Monday Opening Reception you'll enjoy refreshments, hors d'oeuvres and the opportunity to meet and engage with other professionals involved in the world of graduate employability.

Networking lunch, 02 April 12:45


Join your fellow participants and speakers for a networking lunch where you will have the opportunity to explore ideas freely before the final session of the seminar.