Workshop 03

How to write a successful Erasmus+ strategic partnership application (sold out)

Instead of wasting time with trial and error, you can learn how to write a successful Erasmus+ strategic partnership application from the experts who know best. In this workshop, you’ll find out what makes an application coherent and competitive and how to hit the mark on all the key elements: impact, sustainability, project design, needs analysis, quality of the project team, innovation, intellectual outputs and EU policy objectives. Plus, you can bring parts of your own draft application and receive extensive feedback from the facilitating experts and fellow participants.

Learning outcomes

Delve deeper into the key elements of a strategic partnership application and what they entail
Improve your own strategic partnership application with specific, valuable feedback
Explore cultural perspectives in how your application will be interpreted
Learn proven application-writing strategies from those who know best


  • European-funded programmes
  • Partnership & networks


  • Margit Varga, 
    Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands


  • Petra De Greeve, 
    Nuffic, Netherlands
  • Per Simfors, 
    Linköping University, Sweden
  • Johannes Wetzinger, 
    University of Applied Sciences BFI Vienna, Austria