Session 01.08

Campfire: Welcome and unwelcome trends in international higher education

  • Tuesday 12 Sept
  • Campfire pod 02, Networking Area, Level -1, Fibes 2
  • Level: all
  • Related Expert Communities Strategy and Management

For better or worse, trends in Internationalisation continuously rise and fall. Those who are ill informed about change will be at risk for a rough future. Come along to this campfire session to discuss the larger trends, realities and existential problems that challenge us as educators, as administrators and as simple human beings in a difficult and fast-changing era. Join in to speak candidly on what inspires and infuriates you today in our field.


  • Leadership & strategy


  • Michael Woolf, 
    CAPA The Global Education Network, United Kingdom


  • John Hudzik, 
    Michigan State University, USA