Workshop 16

Certificate of international merits: your key to internationalising the student experience (sold out)

Supporting international learning activities other than study-abroad programmes – and recognising those activities as equally valuable to cross-cultural learning – is challenging for many institutions. This workshop presents an elegant solution devised by Lund University in Sweden and the University of Bergen in Norway: a certificate of international merits. By formally recognising students’ participation in a range of international or cross-cultural activities and encouraging reflection on those experiences, your university, too, can develop intercultural competences among students and further its own internationalisation goals. Join this workshop and learn exactly how to create such a certificate at your institution.

Learning outcomes

Expand your knowledge of how to measure and strengthen internationalisation
Learn about a range of international opportunities that can be valuable to students
Get practical instructions on developing a certificate of international merits at your home institution


  • Leadership & strategy
  • Learning, teaching & curriculum


  • Tom Gundersen, 
    University of Bergen, Norway


  • Karin Frydenlund, 
    Malmö University, International Office, Sweden