Workshop 12

How to set up a competitive, cost-covering summer school (sold out)

Universities run summer school programmes for a lot of reasons, but spending a lot of money is never one of them. How can you design a summer school that covers its costs, perhaps generates a bit of additional income and still offers courses that are competitively priced and attract enough students? This workshop offers you a thorough explanation of different approaches to summer school finances, providing you with the tools and tips to select the financial model that will work best for your university. Plus, you’ll have the chance to exchange ideas with colleagues from all over Europe on cost calculation and selling prices to help you design a financial plan that will make your summer school both attractive and sustainable.

Learning outcomes

Create a ready-to-use draft financial plan for your own summer school
Learn about financial models and the variety of approaches to finance in academia
Get hands-on experience using tools to calculate cost and selling prices
Gain the confidence to put everything into practice at your home institution


  • Leadership & strategy
  • Marketing & recruitment


  • Isabell Majewsky Anderson, 
    The University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom


  • Jeroen Torenbeek, 
    Utrecht Summer School, Netherlands
  • Sara Bervoets, 
    University of Antwerp, Belgium