Workshop 02

Website changes, big and small, that boost international recruitment (sold out)

Optimising your website for international recruitment is critical to your success in this area – and it’s always possible, no matter how limited your budget or staffing might be! In this highly interactive workshop, you will learn how marketing and recruitment teams around the world use research, analytics and design principles to continuously improve their websites. We’ll examine factors such as information needs, user pathways, language, design and image choice in optimising your website for better recruitment outcomes. On the analytics side, we’ll discuss what you should be measuring and how (with whatever tools you have available), as well as when and how to make changes to your site based on that data.

Learning outcomes

Discover what makes a website truly optimised for international student recruitment
Learn to measure and track your website’s effectiveness using the tools and information you already have available
Know when and how to make strategic improvements to your website


  • Marketing & recruitment
  • Partnership & networks


  • Megan Brenn-White, 
    The Brenn-White Group, USA


  • Roger Senden, 
    Roger Senden International Higher Education Consultancy, Sweden
  • Laura Montgomery, 
    The New School, USA