Workshop 18

Helping intercultural learners manage expectations and cope with failure (sold out)

The reality of international study is that not everyone achieves what they set out to do. Intercultural learners, already academically and socially challenged, are vulnerable to perceiving underperformance as utter failure and taking up destructive coping mechanisms. This workshop will explore how teaching and counselling staff can help students stabilise their self-esteem and cope with the emotions triggered by real or perceived failure. Themes such as culture and learning, acceptance of limitations, cognitive reframing and unconditional self-worth will be discussed, and practical tips for creating non-threatening learning environments will be introduced.

Learning outcomes

Examine adaptive vs maladaptive coping mechanisms
Learn culture-sensitive teaching and counselling skills
Help students re-evaluate their academic goals and find solutions that best fit their aptitudes


  • Student experience
  • Learning, teaching & curriculum


  • Frank Haber, 
    Jacobs University Bremen GmbH, Germany


  • Stephanie Griffiths, 
    King´s College London, Health Centre, United Kingdom