Workshop 14

How to respond better to refugee students: strategies, tools and lessons learned

In response to the refugee crisis, higher education institutions across Europe committed in 2016 to welcoming greater numbers of refugee students. Now is the time to compare experiences and share lessons learnt in order to enhance our approaches. This workshop will provide a space for peer learning and exchange with respect to challenges in welcoming and integrating refugee students on campus (eg recognition, skills gaps, bridging courses, cultural issues, student services and counselling). Using your institution’s approach as a case study, you will develop with your peers techniques to meet specific challenges, solve particular problems and more fully embed the enrolment and integration of refugees into institutional strategy.

Learning outcomes

Understand the issues currently at play in welcoming and integrating refugees into higher education
Learn from concrete examples of practice from across Europe
Take away tools to analyse and further enhance your institution’s approach
Set up a network of contacts for continued peer learning


  • Refugees
  • Leadership & strategy


  • Elizabeth Colucci, 
    European University Association (EUA), Belgium


  • Anna Buverud, 
    University of Oslo, Norway
  • Henriette Stoeber, 
    EUA - European University Association, Belgium