Workshop 08

Facilitating admissions for refugees without official documentation

Access to higher education and employment opportunities is crucial for the successful integration of displaced persons and refugees into the societies and economies of hosting countries. But without proper documentation of their qualifications, vulnerable migrants are at a disadvantage within both the labour and higher education markets. This workshop will present best practices that have been tested in Europe, Turkey and the US in the evaluation of educational background for those without official documentation. Through a combination of presentations, discussion and practical training, you will be able to identify the methods and tools most applicable to your own academic institution.

Learning outcomes

Learn more about applicants who need special recognition and admission procedures
Get acquainted with the rationale and practical application of recognition methods for refugees’ qualifications
Practice working with the tools and methods presented and identify what will work for your institution


  • Admissions & accreditation
  • Refugees


  • Ceren Genc, 
    Study Group, Worldwide


  • Marina Malgina, 
    NOKUT, Norway
  • Marybeth Gruenewald, 
    Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc, USA
  • Nora Sevbihiv Sinemillioglu, 
    uni-assist, Germany