Workshop 06

Designing generic-skills learning outcomes for traineeships abroad

  • Tuesday 12 Sept
  • Marismas, Level 1, Fibes 1
  • Level: intermediate
  • €250 (€300 for non-members)
  • Related Expert Communities Employability Mobility Advising

This workshop provides hands-on training for designing apt learning outcomes for generic skills that can be acquired and enhanced during traineeships abroad. We will address four major issues: 1) Which learning outcomes are relevant in this context and how these can be referenced to recent research, 2) Who should be involved in defining these learning outcomes so that all three parties involved – students, university academic staff and employers – understand their meaning and their impact, 3) How we can ensure students have actually achieved these learning outcomes and how students can articulate and demonstrate that achievement to future employers, and 4) how quality in this context can be demonstrated or certified.

Learning outcomes

Identify relevant generic skills for traineeships abroad
Design clearly formulated learning outcomes relevant for all stakeholders
Support students in articulating achieved learning outcomes by using tools like the STAR method
Recognise and properly communicate quality criteria for outcome achievement


  • Learning, teaching & curriculum
  • Mobility


  • Rosalyn Eder, 
    Salzburg University of Applied Sciences, Austria


  • Gabriele Abermann
  • Maria Tabuenca-Cuevas, 
    Universidad de Alicante, Spain