Workshop 07

Internationalisation of PhD programmes: strategy and tools

If you’d like to internationalise your PhD programmes, or if you’ve already started the process of making them more attractive for potential international partners and students, then this workshop can help. With an emphasis on the challenges presented by internationalisation in the case of PhD programmes, the needs of institutions and the specific funding mechanisms available, we’ll share case-study experiences and present good practices. The workshop will also provide examples of strategies and tools to assist you through the steps involved in internationalising PhD programmes.

Learning outcomes

Identify indicators and challenges related to the internationalisation of PhD programmes
Understand the main steps for internationalising PhD programmes:
Learn about European and national-level funding instruments


  • Partnership & networks
  • European-funded programmes


  • Unni Kvernhusvik Sagberg, 
    Norwegian Centre for International Cooperation in Education (SIU), Norway


  • Jennifer Borde, 
    University of Bordeaux, France
  • Sten Ture Roland Jonsson, 
    University of Bergen, Norway