Workshop 10

Teaching in English: strategies for success (sold out)

Practically all universities in Europe offer courses – and some even full programmes – in English. But how can higher education institutions ensure they’re doing this successfully? This interactive workshop will help you engage in the development of English-language instruction and programmes in your own context with a particular emphasis on strategic policies and practices. The topics to be covered include support for teaching staff and students, quality assurance and approaches to teaching in English in non-English speaking environments.

Learning outcomes

Learn about different institutional approaches and processes of teaching in English
Understand how English-language instruction is positioned in the overall strategy and internationalisation activities of universities
Develop your own strategies to tackle similar issues in your institution


  • Leadership & strategy
  • Learning, teaching & curriculum


  • Zoë Ghielmetti, 
    University of Bern, Switzerland


  • Esko Koponen, 
    University of Helsinki, Finland
  • Jennifer Valcke, 
    Karolinska Institutet, Sweden