Workshop 15

Using big data for smarter marketing (sold out)

When creating and marketing degree programmes, universities typically look inward and consider academic strength, faculty capacities and institutional brand attributes, neglecting factors like competition and student demand. This crucial oversight can lead to costly mistakes and poor recruitment outcomes. In this workshop, you’ll learn how online search behaviour and enrolment data can provide critical insights into the international education market. What’s more, you’ll learn how to interpret various data sets and use them strategically to improve your institution’s international marketing strategy. If you’re ready to make your institution’s marketing efforts smarter and more data-driven, you can’t afford to miss this workshop.

Learning outcomes

Develop a framework for making marketing decisions based on smart data
Compare countries and regions of origin in relation to academic disciplines
Understand the role a variety of data sets play in market planning and marketing


  • Marketing & recruitment
  • Leadership & strategy


  • Nannette Ripmeester, 
    Expertise in Labour Mobility / i-graduate, Netherlands


  • Tim Rogers, 
    The American University of Paris, France
  • Thijs van Vugt, 
    StudyPortals, Netherlands