The EAIE: Driving Responsible International Education

  • Internationalisation of Higher Education Handbook
  • Publication date
    July 2017
  • Topics
    • Leadership & strategy

Internationalisation of Higher Education Handbook, Volume 2, 2017

How familiar are you with the EAIE? In this Handbook article, EAIE’s President Markus Laitinen and colleagues explain how the EAIE has developed and professionalised in tandem with changes in the field of international education. Through its growth, the EAIE has been progressively aiming to drive positive change in the field. In an increasingly challenging political climate, advocacy and commitment from associations such as the EAIE strives to promote responsible international education throughout Europe and the world.

This article was published in Volume 2, 2017 of the Internationalisation of Higher Education Handbook. From 2011–2015, the EAIE was the Editor of the Handbook, published by Raabe Academic Publishers (Berlin).

— Authors: Markus Laitinen, Anna-Malin Sandström, Laura Caldas de Mesquita

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