Perspectives on Transnational Teaching Teams: Australia and Vietnam

  • Internationalisation of Higher Education Handbook
  • Publication date
    July 2015
  • Topics
    • Partnerships and networks

Internationalisation of Higher Education Handbook, issue 1, 2015

This paper reports on part of a larger research project funded by the Australian Office for Learning and Teaching which explored the professional development needs of transnational teaching teams across a range of academic disciplines in two Australian universities and their offshore partners. The paper provides an overview of the process and activity undertaken to understand the key determinants of successful transnational teaching teams and to develop a support mechanism for the induction of team members. Data was obtained through interviews with faculty in two campuses of an Australian university, in Australia and Vietnam. The research adopted an interpretivist paradigm to provide a better understanding of issues affecting faculty across both campuses, including relationship management; approaches to academic equivalence, contextualisation and customisation; the identification of quality-related issues for regular discussion and the establishment of professional practices to support student learning.

This article was published in Issue 1, 2015 of the Internationalisation of Higher Education, an EAIE Handbook. From 2011–2015, the EAIE was the Editor of Internationalisation of Higher Education Handbook, published by Raabe Academic Publishers (Berlin). The EAIE holds joint copyright of all 2015 articles with DUZ Verlags- und Medienhaus GmbH.

— Authors: Cathy Hall-van den Elsen and Casey Scholz

Table of contents

1. Introduction 44
2. Overview of the Australian University’s activity 45
3. Professional Development for Transnational Teaching Teams 48
4. Method and project description 48
5. Data Analysis 51
5.1 Student Learning 53
5.2 Professional Practice 54
5.3 Communication and Negotiation 55
5.4 Quality in Teaching and Learning 58
6. Addressing Identified Issues 59

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