How do HEIs Measure Internationalisation Today? Analysis of User Profiles in the IMPI Toolbox

  • Internationalisation of Higher Education Handbook
  • Publication date
    July 2015
  • Topics
    • Leadership & strategy

Internationalisation of Higher Education Handbook, issue 2, 2015

There is a lot of debate on the measuring of internationalisation today. We argue about input versus output, the question of outcomes, impacts and effects, and the right way to go. This paper aims to shed some light on the current trends in measuring at least input and output, not based on pure assumptions or single case studies but the empirical findings of an analysis of users of the IMPI toolbox over the last three years. It shows that choices of indicators depend on regions, sizes and types of HEIs but also, and much more so, on which goal dimension is under scrutiny. The analysis of the use of the IMPI toolbox shows that we need a diverse approach to measure internationalisation.

This article was published in Issue 2, 2015 of the Internationalisation of Higher Education, an EAIE Handbook. From 2011–2015, the EAIE was the Editor of Internationalisation of Higher Education Handbook, published by Raabe Academic Publishers (Berlin). The EAIE holds joint copyright of all 2015 articles with DUZ Verlags- und Medienhaus GmbH.

— Authors: Uwe Brandenburg and Lisa Laeber

Table of contents

1. Background 36
1.1 Introduction to the IMPI Toolbox 36
2. Data Analysis 38
2.1 Characteristics of users 39
2.2 Goal Analyses 42
2.3 Indicator Analyses 49
3. Summary / Conclusion 61

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