EAIE Conference Conversation Starter 2015

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    September 2015
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A wealth of nations

This year’s EAIE Conference Conversation Starter encourages us to think about issues of ‘wealth’ from multiple perspectives. Addressing topics as varied as international higher education policy and practice, notions of power and privilege, global civic responsibility and environmental sustainability, it is certain to spark your interest and its fair share of conversations.

— Edited by Leasa Weimer.

Table of contents

v Foreword — Laura E. Rumbley
01 Introduction — Leasa Weimer
Adam Smith economics and international higher education
05 Adam Smith on international education in The Wealth of Nations — Craig Smith
11 The health of nations: Adam Smith, internationalisation and sustainable learning outcomes for the 21st century — Scott G. Blair
Tuition fees in Europe
17 Exploring the Nordic Region’s experiences with international tuition fees — Daniel J. Guhr and Nelson Furtado
23 Education is a right and not a privilege: a Finnish student union perspective on tuition fees — Taina Moisander
29 The international student tuition-fee question in France — Ariane de Gayardon de Fenoyl
A wealth of knowledge
37 The potential of knowledge diplomacy? Higher education and international relations — Jane Knight
45 Exploring the future global flows of knowledge and mobility: implications for international education — Angel Calderon
53 About the authors

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