EAIE Conference Conversation Starter 2014

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    September 2014
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    • Partnerships and networks

Stepping into a new era

This EAIE Conference Conversation Starter explores the particularities and challenges of international higher education in Central and Eastern Europe. Seven essays from thought leaders in the region make up this insightful publication.

— Edited by Anna Glass.

Table of contents

v Foreword
01 Introduction — Anna Glass
05 Higher education in Albania: the never-ending challenge — Blendi Kajsiu
11 Internationalisation of higher education and research in Croatia — Pero Lučin and Snježana Prijić-Samaržija
17 Greek higher education: a series of contrasts — Demitrios Dentsoras
23 A perspective on the Hungarian higher education system: challenges and dilemmas — László Dinya
29 The image of the Kosovo higher education system — Xhavit Rexhaj and Natalia Kolnik
39 Internationalisation in Romanian higher education: between the race for rankings and re-building historical partnerships — Ligia Deca
45 A sociological perspective on higher education in Serbia — Isidora Jarić
49 About the authors

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