EAIE Conference Conversation Starter 2013

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    September 2013
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    • Partnerships and networks

Weaving the future of global partnerships

What does the global landscape of partnerships look like? The 2013 EAIE Conference Conversation Starter provides ten distinctive and thought-provoking perspectives on this timely and compelling topic, providing food for thought on the future of international higher education. 

— Edited by Aisha Labi.

Table of contents

v Foreword
01 Introduction — Aisha Labi
Diplomacy in education
05 Global higher education as a reflection of international relations — Patti McGill Peterson
09 Diplomacy in higher education: from ideals to execution — Dzulkifli Abdul Razak
13 Global citizenship versus diplomacy: internationalisation of higher education with a collective consciousness — Ş. İlgü Özler
Strategies and stakeholders for global partnerships
19 Internationalisation and international networks — Gülsün Sağlamer
25 A transatlantic perspective on global partnerships — Karen P. DePauw, Erich Thaler
29 Global partnerships and the challenges for higher education — Andrew J. Coats, Louise G. Shewan
The Balkans: challenges and partnerships
35 The Balkans: from periphery to partnerships — Aleksa Bjeliš
41 Internationalisation at the European periphery and academics’ geographic preferences for partnership: focus on the Western Balkans — Manja Klemenčič and Pavel Zgaga

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