Ramon: EAIE trainer


After many years at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, I am now Head of International Affairs at The Hague University of Applied Sciences, the Netherlands. I became active in the EAIE Expert Community Strategy and Management seven years ago. I was Chair of Strategy and Management for two years between 2014 and 2016.

My volunteering experience at the EAIE contributed greatly to my personal development. Years ago, I wasn’t fully sure where I wanted to go career-wise. Thanks to my involvement in the EAIE, I started presenting at international conferences, became more visible, and worked more in intercultural settings. I got to know the interesting dynamics of how to approach and discuss things and draw conclusions. It helped me to learn to work with people from different cultures – and diversity can be such a great asset! My work within the EAIE made me aware of the importance of broadening my perspective in my professional life. If you look across the border and beyond the walls, you can actually find added value.

Years ago, I gave a workshop on internationalisation planning and met a participant from Canada who I later approached to become a speaker at a different workshop. We became friends and started to work together as partner universities. All of this was thanks to personal relationships built within the EAIE community. Relationships between universities are actually mostly based on personal relationships.

More recently, when I was giving an EAIE Academy training course, I met a senior trainer. We discussed my career and what I wanted to do. She gave me a clear perspective of a few of directions in which I could develop myself. We kept in touch and this mentor–mentee relationship has been extremely helpful to my career. This is certainly something I gained from the EAIE: coaching. Coaching my peers and being coached myself.