Olga: Double degree expert


I am Head of the Department of International Programs at Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, Russia. Generally, I think we are doing really well in terms of internationalisation practice. We have the highest number of courses taught in English in the country – and this development process started actively only eight years ago!

At my home institution, the strategic focus is on attracting important partnerships and creating more opportunities for student mobility. The EAIE is a great place to establish the right kinds of partnerships. We’ve been forming partnerships through the EAIE’s network for over 10 years. Our double degree programmes with Finland, Italy, Germany and Asian countries have grown thanks to the EAIE. So many agreements were done at EAIE conferences!

Taking part in EAIE activities gave me the opportunity to encounter new cultures and traditions. It provided the possibility to meet a variety of smart people; great professionals in different areas, from different countries and diverse cultural backgrounds. I really appreciate this international community; the EAIE gives us a space for connecting and developing new things together.

I recommend volunteering and directly participating in the development and running of the EAIE community. I became a part of the EAIE Expert Community Marketing and Recruitment last year and I definitely recommend taking advantage of these types of opportunities within the Association!