Joseph Armando: Global South partnerships coordinator

Memebr stories Joseph Armando Soba

I am in charge of international cooperation at the University of Lille, France. For the last five years, I have been acting as an external assessor of European programmes for the French National Agency. I play a key role in boosting collaboration between my home institution and African and Latin American higher education institutions. We focus our efforts on building strong collaborations with the Global South, although we have partnerships all over the world. In my role, the biggest challenge is trying to shift the perspective of one-sided mobility – from the South to the North – and promote mutual relationships.

I recently became a Steering group member of the EAIE Expert Community Cooperation for Development. The Community has certainly helped me to broaden collaboration with the Global South and to think about how to welcome refugees at my university. I am eager and honoured to share my own expertise with the Expert Community this coming term.

Coming to the Annual EAIE Conference saves time and energy. Instead of going around the world to meet people I can go to the conference and find the world! Through the EAIE’s extensive network, I met colleagues from the University of Porto with whom we developed a crucial strategic partnership. We now run a common project in Africa, led by Cameroon.

The EAIE always keeps me up to date on the latest trends – especially in the Erasmus+ programme. My EAIE membership makes me feel like I’m part of a worldwide community. It’s a great investment for me as an individual, for my professional development, and for my institution’s partnerships.