Camilla: Senior International Officer

Camilla Lundqvist

I work as Senior Internationalisation Officer at Linneus University, Sweden. My main area of responsibility is the Erasmus+ programme, but I also advise our faculties on other internationalisation activities. When I started working 20 years ago, I mostly dealt with incoming and outgoing students, but my role has developed a lot through the years.

At the beginning of my career, I attended an EAIE Academy training course. I kept in contact with the trainer and she has been a precious help and resource for my job. She later organised a workshop for the rest of my office on internationalisation at home practices and she served as an internationalisation expert on a peer review done at my institution. The EAIE network has been very helpful for me and my institution in this regard.

I was a member of the EAIE Expert Community Mobility and Advising for years. It was a great opportunity to share my knowledge and expertise, and to contribute to the field at large. This volunteering experience was absolutely key in helping me to expand my network. Now, whenever I have any questions about a specific matter I know exactly where to find the answers – who to turn to for help. The EAIE has always been there for me that way.

I am very fond of the EAIE’s member magazine, Forum. We all have a busy schedule and Forum is a great way to stay up-to-date on the newest trends and hot topics in internationalisation. I highly recommend joining the EAIE and becoming a member. To get the most out of membership, I recommend staying active and using the Association’ extensive network and resources to the fullest!