Fees & Payment

The EAIE offers individual and group membership packages so that more individuals from the same institution can benefit from all the perks at a reduced rate. Find the fees and dates below to become a member today.

Group membership

Explore reduced-rate group membership in packs of 10, 15, 20, and 35. Whether you're craving new connections, seeking partnerships, or looking to boost your skills and knowledge, your team can unlock the benefits of EAIE membership at a reduced fee. Group membership is avialable to purchase until the end of March.

Number of members Package price
10 € 1950
15 € 2810
20 € 3680
35 € 4980

Please note that single institutional membership is not possible. A group membership pack comprises multiple individual memberships at a reduced price. 

Individual membership

Individual membership for 2024 costs €260. Applicants from 'low-income' or 'lower-middle' economies, as per World Bank classification, can qualify for a reduced membership fee of €130. The membership price remains fixed throughout the year, take advantage of the year-long benefits by securing your membership early.

Payment method

We accept payments by bank transfer. Please contact info@eaie.org for more information.

Membership term

EAIE membership follows a calendar year system whereby the term begins on 01 January and ends on 31 December. All 2024 memberships will end on 31 December 2024, regardless of the purchase date. 

Individual membership is to be used by a single person. Group membership packs comprises multiple individual memberships at a reduced price. A single institutional membership is not possible.