Workshop 19

Collective think-tank with keynote speaker Simon Anholt: can universities save the world?

One way humanity can face the global challenges of the 21st century is by educating the next generations of adults to live more fairly and sustainably. A cohort of 'Good Universities' could provide a crucial link between young people with the right attitude but without the solutions, and adults who have the right answers but not the courage. This workshop looks at the broad issue of purpose in higher education, and considers the role that universities might play in ‘making the world work better’. Delivered by Simon Anholt, founder of the Good Country Index, this highly engaging think-tank delves into the concept of a 'Good University': one that successfully balances its responsibilities towards its own people and to the rest of humanity.

Learning outcomes

Broaden your perspective on how a university can tackle the challenges facing humanity, while becoming more attractive to students, staff and researchers
Explore the benefits of building an international network of Good Universities, taking advantage of this community of well-intentioned, highly educated thinkers and doers
Consider how a global network would work and serve communities in practice

About Simon Anholt

Opening Plenary keynote speaker Simon Anholt is the founder of the Good Country Index, which measures what each country contributes to humanity. He has a plan to ‘make the world work better’. Read Simon’s biography to learn more about his projects.


  • Leadership & strategy
  • Learning, teaching & curriculum


  • Simon Anholt, 
    Good Country, Worldwide


  • Simon Anholt, 
    Good Country, Worldwide