Fees & Payment

Choose from a range of stand options to best promote your organisation during the EAIE Exhibition in Gothenburg.

Stand fees

Early-bird: 02 December 2020 to 28 February 2021
Regular (early-bird fee +10%): 01 March to 27 June 2021
Late (regular fee + additional charge): from 28 June 2021

Pre-built shell scheme 

Size Row stand Corner stand
Per m² €499 €559
9 m² €4491 €5031
12 m² €5988 €6708
15 m² €7485 €8385
18 m² €8982 €10,062
21 m² €10,479 €11,739
24 m² €11,976 €13,416
27 m² €13,473 €15,093
30 m² €14,970 €16,770
33 m² €16,467 €18,447
36 m²  €17,964 €20,124

Prices shown exclude VAT.

Space only


Corner stand (min. 18 m2) End of row stand (min. 18 m2) Island stand (min. 54 m2)
Per m² €509 €519 €529

Prices shown exclude VAT.  Please contact ICWE for more information on bespoke packages. 

Exhibitor entitlements

Pre-built shell scheme: all stands include a package of entitlements, including conference fee waivers, reduced registration rates, tables, chairs, power sockets, spotlights, standard fascia signs etc

Space only: If you'd like to build your stand independently from scratch (with your external stand builder), you can also book exhibition space only at the cost of €519/m² (end of row) and €509/m² (corner). This option is only available for stands of a minimum 18 m².  

Please note: We do not issue 'exhibitor only' passes.

Stand out from the crowd

Rise above the rest by building a stand higher than the regular 2.5 m height. This option is available for independently built stands only (materials and set up cost at exhibitors' expense) at a minimum of 18 m². This extension is charged at 10% of the stand cost (+VAT). 

For corner and end of row stands of 18 m² and larger, you can choose to add hanging signs. This option is charged at 10% of the stand cost (+VAT) and does not include materials and cost for hanging. Please note you can select either increased stand height or a hanging sign for your stand, but not both.

Staff registration

Once your exhibition stand request has been confirmed, you can register your staff for the exhibition and conference when general registration opens in May 2021. Staff registration includes:

  • Access to the exhibition
  • Access to all sessions
  • Access to all free networking events (pre-registration may be required)
  • Lunches and coffee breaks on exhibition days (Wednesday-Friday)

The number of staff entitled to these benefits depends on your chosen stand size. If you would like to register for additional events such as campus experiences or other networking events (subject to availability), you can do so at an additional cost.