Session 04.20

Campfire: Presenting with impact: how to engage and motivate your audience

  • Wednesday 12 Sept
  • Campfire pod 1, Level -1, Palexpo
  • Level: all
  • Related Expert Communities Strategy and Management

A compelling story, confident delivery, and a clear call to action – we all know a great presentation when we see one, but how can we reliably create the right content, particularly when it is rather dry? How can we capture our audience when they are difficult to reach? This session provides insights, models and clear steps for turning your next presentation into a story that will resonate with your audience, and explores the body language techniques required to bring it to life.


  • Leadership & strategy
  • Learning, teaching & curriculum


  • Tim Ferguson, 
    Audience, Worldwide


  • Tim Ferguson, 
    Audience, Worldwide