Workshop 20

Helping students cope with failure and realise their potential (sold out)

International students who experience or fear failure often don’t know how to cope with it. The threat of academic suspension can prompt students to feel extremely anxious, and they may resort to dysfunctional coping strategies such as withdrawal, denial and disappearing from the radar of those who care about their well-being. This workshop will discuss how staff and faculty can support students in stabilising their self-esteem and coping with typical fears triggered by real or perceived failure. After exploring crucial themes such as culture and learning, acceptance of limitations, unconditional self-worth and reframing failure into success, you’ll learn about a number of effective applications for advisors and teachers.

Learning outcomes

• Gain insight into adaptive and maladaptive means of coping with academic challenges
• Learn culture-sensitive teaching and counselling skills
• Understand environments and administrative processes that allow students to re-evaluate their academic goals


  • Student experience
  • Learning, teaching & curriculum


  • Marijke van Oppen, 
    Wageningen University and Research, Netherlands


  • Stephanie Griffiths, 
    King's College London, United Kingdom