Workshop 19

Summer school euros: costs, resources and business models (sold out)

Whether the summer school you manage generates vital income for your university or is primarily an expense meant to strengthen your university's profile, money plays a critical role. That’s why it is imperative to understand the business side of your summer school: how the costs, resources and potential revenue relate to different business models. In this highly participatory workshop, we’ll discuss different business models for summer schools, including their relative advantages and disadvantages and how to determine which model fits best with your institution’s strategic objectives. You’ll come away with concrete ideas and suggestions for improving how your own summer school operates from a business perspective.

Learning outcomes

• Gain an understanding of the different business models of summer schools
• Learn the purposes, advantages, disadvantages and risks of each business model
• Discover which business model is right for your summer school based on your own strategic objectives


  • Leadership & strategy


  • Wessel Meijer, 
    Radboud University Nijmegen, Netherlands


  • Oksana Chernenko, 
    National Research University - Higher School of Economics, Russian Federation
  • Sarah Williamson, 
    King's College London, United Kingdom