Workshop 16

Enhancing the transformative effects of intercultural training in health and welfare education

Effective and appropriate interaction in a variety of cultural contexts is essential in health and welfare professions. A deficiency in this area makes encounters, diagnosis and treatment more difficult and may result in negative outcomes. But current research in higher education indicates that attempts to improve the intercultural competences of students and staff are only marginally effective. In this workshop, we’ll exchange and discuss knowledge and best practices in intercultural development and transformation in the field of health and welfare. We’ll examine concepts from the intercultural field and explore a developmental approach while maintaining a focus on individual development.

Learning outcomes

• Discover best practices in intercultural development and transformation
• Partake in experiential learning activities
• Learn about culture general frameworks from the intercultural field
• Enhance your role as an intercultural mentor in internationalisation


  • Learning, teaching & curriculum
  • Student experience


  • Susan Schärli, 
    Zurich University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland


  • Rene Teunissen, 
    Avans University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands