Workshop 03

International credentials: online verification, accreditation resources and non-verifiable documents

While technological advancements in higher education have allowed for the proliferation of online verification of digital credentials, there are communities – particularly refugees and displaced persons – whose lack of digital documentation puts them at a serious disadvantage if they wish to pursue further education. This workshop will provide different approaches to working with international credentials in terms of their online verification, quality assurance and issues related to non-verifiable paper documents. You’ll get hands-on experience working with credential databases, online verification resources, actual non-verifiable documents and accreditation.

Learning outcomes

• Practise working with various tools and resources for the online verification of foreign credentials
• Understand the differences between verification resources and types of accreditation
• Learn about alternative documentation recognition pathways for credentials from certain countries and refugee camps


  • Admissions & accreditation
  • Refugees


  • Carine Russmann, 
    University of Lausanne, Switzerland


  • Marina Malgina, 
    NOKUT, Norway
  • Margaret Wenger, 
    Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc, USA