Session 03.07

Speaking outward: transformations towards bilingual institutions

  • Wednesday 12 Sept
  • Room F, Level 1, Palexpo
  • Level: all
  • Related Expert Communities Language and Culture

English is considered the lingua franca of academia – yet, many institutions in Europe are still mostly monolingual, particularly on the administrative level. In light of rising mobility, universities are challenged to adapt and manage increasing diversity while preserving their identity. This interactive session presents strategic tools for goal-oriented internationalisation at home – towards a bilingual environment in research, teaching and not least in administration.


  • Leadership & strategy


  • Teresa Schoenkaes, 
    University of Mannheim, Germany


  • David Glowsky, 
    Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Germany
  • Caitlin Stephens, 
    University of Zurich, Switzerland


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