WorkshopProposal W15

How to strengthen academic core values in international partnerships

One of the most challenging aspects of internationalisation is ensuring that your institution and those you partner with have a mutual understanding of and respect for the core values of higher education: academic freedom, institutional autonomy, accountability, equitable access and social responsibility. In this workshop, you’ll identify common dilemmas in international cooperation and discuss strategies and tools for working with your international partners to resolve such issues in pro-values ways. We’ll use specialised training materials from the Erasmus+ Academic Refuge project and contribute through our discussions to the development of a handbook on putting values into practice.

Learning outcomes

Become familiar with and comfortable discussing core academic values
Practise analysing challenging situations in international partnerships and how they can conflict with core academic values
Learn to promote core values at home and in partnerships
Contribute to the development of handbook on putting core academic values into practice


  • Partnership & networks
  • Leadership & strategy


  • Marit Egner, 
    University of Oslo, Norway


  • Laura Rumbley, 
    Boston College Center for International Higher Education (CIHE), USA
  • Olga Selin Hünler, 
    The University of Bremen, Germany