Session 04.07

Transnational education 101: the whats, the whys and the wherefores

  • Wednesday 12 Sept
  • Room X, Level 0, Palexpo
  • Level: all
  • Related Expert Communities Strategy and Management

As recently as five years ago, you may have struggled to find mention of transnational education (TNE) in a higher education conference programme, but the practice is widespread and the topic now a favourite among internationalisation professionals. If you’ve ever felt out of your depth when people talk about TNE, this session is your chance to crack the concept. You’ll learn about various TNE models, how TNE fits into broader internationalisation efforts, and the challenges facing TNE today.


  • Leadership & strategy


  • Celia Partridge, 
    Universities UK International, United Kingdom


  • Susanne Kammüller, 
    DAAD - German Academic Exchange Service, Germany
  • Peter Clack, 
    University of Birmingham, United Kingdom


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