Workshop 12

Crash course in starting and maintaining a student ambassador programme (sold out)

  • Tuesday 11 Sept
  • Room P, Level 0, Palexpo
  • Level: all
  • €150 (€200 for non-members)
  • Related Expert Communities Marketing and Recruitment

Incorporating students – be they bloggers, social media moderators or student ambassadors – into your marketing activities can be a great way to be more personal in your communication, create authentic and relevant content and use your time and budget effectively when you have limited resources. But what’s the best way to do it? During this workshop you’ll learn how to recruit, train, utilise and manage a team of student ambassadors. Whether you need to know how to build a student ambassador programme from the ground up or how to develop and optimise an existing programme, we’ll help you make the most of working with students to meet your marketing goals.

Learning outcomes

• Plan a new student ambassador programme or optimise an existing one in line with your marketing strategy
• Understand key success factors for starting and running a student ambassador programme
• Devise a protocol for training student ambassadors and maximising return on investment
• Learn to evaluate the success of your programme


  • Marketing & recruitment
  • Mobility


  • Douglas Washburn, 
    Swedish Institute, Sweden


  • Desiré van den Beld, 
    University of Twente, Netherlands