Workshop 13

Online and blended programmes as a path to effective international partnerships

This workshop will examine educational or professional development programmes involving two or more institutions in at least two different countries using a blended learning approach consisting of face-to-face summer school sessions with follow-on online offerings. Specifically, we’ll discuss examples of successful programmes, focusing on strategic and partnership challenges; integration into the larger internationalisation strategy; and implications for alumni relations, professional development and community engagement. You’ll work together with other participants to discuss your own efforts and to devise practical strategies and tactics for success both within and between institutions of higher education.

Learning outcomes

• Examine the opportunities of and barriers to effective blended and online educational programmes in partnership settings
• Discuss your institution’s particular challenges in a larger context
• Understand relevant strategic and management environments
• Increase your capacity to work in diverse peer groups and professional networks


  • Partnership & networks
  • Learning, teaching & curriculum


  • Chester Haskell, 
    Edu-Alliance Group, USA


  • Maggy Ovaa, 
    University Medical Center Utrecht, Netherlands
  • Senthil Nathan, 
    Edu Alliance LLC, United Arab Emirates