Session 03.06

Should internationalisation have a local impact?

  • Wednesday 12 Sept
  • Room C, Level -1, Palexpo
  • Level: advanced
  • Related Expert Communities Strategy and Management

In 2017, EAIE conference participants looked at ‘internationalisation through the world’s sceptical eyes’ – a session which brought attention to the fact that, despite our best efforts, there are always those who feel left behind and sometimes threatened by the notion of internationalisation. This session will take the next step by facing outward and asking whether internationalisation should have a local impact, and what the benefits might be for all parties involved.


  • Leadership & strategy


  • Michael Woolf, 
    CAPA : The Global Education Network, United Kingdom


  • Jacqueline Oldham, 
    The University of Manchester, United Kingdom
  • Denis Tkachuk, 
    Council for Higher Education of Israel, Israel