Midweek Plenary keynote speaker: Xiuhtezcatl Martinez


Xiuhtezcatl (Shoe-TEZ-caught) Martinez was just six years old when he first took the stage as an environmental activist. Today, he leads a movement that is both local and global. Drawing on his heritage and ancestry as an Aztec raised in the tradition of the Mexica, one of the native peoples of Mexico, X inspires and leads others to better serve the planet and reimagine the future for his generation. Through his work as the Youth Director at Earth Guardians and his career as a successful hip hop artist, X meaningfully connects with people across generations and across the globe.

A powerful voice in the climate movement, he’ll show us how we can create change and truly make a difference through the lives we are currently living. Tune in to the Mid-week Plenary on Thursday 30 September at 09:30 CEST to hear X speak about the path of guardianship: creating change with the lives we are already living.