Spotlight on: research and doctoral education (SPOT08)

  • Date
    Thursday 30 September 2021
  • Topics
    • Research and doctoral education

About this session

The international dimensions of research and doctoral education are fascinating and important but can also be complex and unwieldy. In this session, we consider ways to support internationalisation in these areas and to better ensure mutually beneficial connections between the world of science and our societies.

You will be able to put your questions directly to the speakers from the related sessions listed below and share your own insights on the topic in this collaborative discussion.

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  • Rebecca Arklöf | Malmo University | Sweden
  • Aleksandra Bovt | Georg-August-University Gottingen | Germany
  • Arnim Heinemann | Universitaet Bayreuth | Germany
  • Aleksandra Laski | Berlin University Alliance | Germany