Spotlight on: national, regional and global perspectives (SPOT07)

  • Date
    Thursday 30 September 2021
  • Topics
    • National, regional and global perspectives

About this session

Internationalisation is playing out not only in the context of our individual institutions, but also at the level of national policy, via inter-regional engagement and across a broader global stage. This session offers an opportunity to reflect on some of these more macro-level realities and how they can exert effect on individual institutional realities and choices.

You will be able to put your questions directly to the speakers from the related sessions listed below.

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  • Samia Chasi | International Education Association of South Africa | South Africa
  • Giorgio Marinoni | International Association of Universities | France
  • Adinda van Gaalen | Ghent University | the Netherlands
  • Goolam Mohamedbhai | International Association of Universities | Mauritius